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Children's & Young People's Evangelist, Principal of Victoria Baptist Bible College, Bible Teacher

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Heaven is a real place. It is an eternal place. Everyone would like to think they are going there, yet many would say it is presumptuous, and even arrogant, to say that you know you are going there.


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Testimony of Salvation

I was born in country Victoria in 1958, just near the famous 12 Apostles coastline. I grew up on a dairy farm in a good, though non-Christian home. My artistic abilities led me to art school. While there I began mixing with people involved in drugs and other particularly ungodly behaviour and soon became embroiled myself. After a couple of years, my situation became so serious, that I suffered from paranoid delusions, and lost most of my friends. After numerous circumstances, which can be seen in hindsight as God working in my life, I came to work for a born-again Christian who challenged me regarding my need of salvation. Eventually he encouraged me to meet with him and some other Christians from the local Independent Baptist Church to help me sort out my problems (although at the time I did not consider they were problems, and therefore I thought I would help them by giving them my ideas about life). When I discovered that many of my ideas about life and solutions to the world’s problems were in fact “stolen” from the Bible, I agreed to do a Bible study to find out more about Christ and the Scriptures.
After 3 studies and attending services I came to learn and believe what the Bible said about salvation and on 29th March 1979, I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. My personal verses of assurance are I John 5:11,12, and my life verse is Phil 2:5.
I have been involved in children’s and young people’s ministry one way or the other since my salvation, and in 1997 the Lord called me to step out by faith full time as an evangelist.
These days my main focus is training those who would minister in the years to come. I do this particularly through my role as Principal of Victoria Baptist Bible College.

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